I believe that you CAN be successful in all areas of life; health, relationships, wealth and purpose. Depending on the circumstances in your life, success may seem impossible or not for you.

This is a lie we have been conditioned to accept. My goal is to destroy that lie and show you that success is within reach.

My Story

Hi, I'm Karshni

Spiritual Teacher, Coach and Manifesting Queen! I’m on a mission to catalyse success with you, if you’re brave enough to want MORE!

Growing up in my community, success was defined by achievement – a degree, climbing the career ranks, house in the ‘burbs and a couple of kids. With the privilege of encouragement and support towards this definition of success, I bought into the dream. For years, I enjoyed the experience without questioning the possibility of MORE.

Seemingly by coincidence, I attended a ThetaHealing® seminar. Here, my world was opened to the possibility of creating a reality of my choice, using quantum physics and a connection with the energy of Creation. This empowered me to reflect on the experience I was creating (debt, resentment & boredom in my career, amongst others).
Did I want that? NO.

It fit perfectly into the predefined steps to success that I had been conditioned to want BUT, I knew that this was not the reality that fulfilled me. I wanted MORE.

MORE meant that my dream was different. With this realisation came the understanding that success is individualistic. For me, success is knowing my purpose and working towards it daily. It’s connecting with the kindness and compassion within me, and within others. It’s releasing myself from toxic emotions, people and situations.

For you it may be:

  • creating a connection with the energy of Creation
  • freeing yourself from traumatic experiences in your past or present
  • living without physical pain or illness
  • releasing limitations to financial abundance or career growth

The list is endless.

If you want MORE, but you’re not certain what that means for you, I’m here to help you.
To show you that it is possible for you to have MORE, despite how impossible it may seem at this moment.

Be brave.

Single session transforming your current experience by discovering and releasing any limiting subconscious belief programs that are holding you back from success.

You will leave the session with a renewed sense of all possibilities after releasing limiting beliefs and gaining clarity on the next step


An overhaul in a single area where success seems fleeting or impossible

Together we will create an individual programme, with the focus on releasing limiting subconscious beliefs & supporting the conscious mind to success.

A 5 week group coaching programme teaching you how to manifest anything you desire, with limiting belief releases each week

You will learn how to shift your mindset to increase the flow of abundance, let go of the fear of success and release yourself from struggle

Processes that can be used in your daily life to uplevel you to success